Eileen Grace Cotton Pad,Eileen Grace Malaysia


Eileen Grace Cotton Pad

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Product Features

-The sponge density is high, easy to push and put on makeup

-The material used is real, and the makeup will not fall off.

-The thickened version of the cotton body lasts longer

-Wet and dry, cream, powder, liquid foundation and other types of base makeup products are suitable


Dry Usage

1. Dip the sponge into dry powder base makeup products

2. Fold the sponge in half and gently knead each other to make the dry powder evenly distributed

3. Apply evenly on the face by tapping and pressing


Wet Usage

1. Wet the sponge with water (recommended warm water), and then apply wet powder base makeup products

2. Apply evenly on the face by tapping and pressing

3. Keep cool after use, clean regularly



-The makeup sponge itself is a consumable. After a period of use, if there is poor elasticity or discoloration, please replace it with a new one

-If you want to clean the makeup sponge, please rub it gently with a general neutral detergent and dry it naturally. Do not heat or expose to the sun, to avoid deformation and deterioration of the product itself and its effectiveness is not good.


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